The team members have published a book Share (ISBN 7-5007-8394-9), a collection of their essays which share their feelings
and observations during the fundraising and trip.



A Journey of Sharing


Chief Editor: Qin Lu

Editor Committee: (Based on last name)

Miss. Alex Fenaughty

Mrs. Joan Fenaughty

Dr. Yvonne Fournier

Miss. Congcong Guo

Dr. Mingdong Gu

Mrs. Danling Huang

Mrs. Qin Lu

Mr. Wenhua Zheng


Chinese Editor: Mr. Wenhua Zheng

English Editor: Mrs. Jan Coleman

Reviewer: Dr. Mingdong Gu


Preface I    Mrs. Qin Lu

Preface II   Dr. Mingdong Gu, Dr. Jing Gu, Mr. Xingquan Lu (Board of Chinese Academy of Memphis)

Preface III  Dr. Xun Wang(Chinese Schools Association in U.S.A)

Preface IV  Terry L. BrownWhite Station High School (Chinese Translator: Jun Song)


Yunnan Project Organization Chart

Yunnan Delegates & China Trip




Section I

Searching for the Seven-colored Flower: America's own seven-colored flower story  Yi Ding

(English Translator: Miss Congcong Guo)

The Gifts of the Ah Ke Children    Congcong Guo


Section II

The Power of Yes    Dr. Yvonne Fournier

My China Adventure   Alex Fenaughty

A Gift From China    Joan Fenaughty

Seeing Through Different Eyes    Jesse Nabers

A Daughter's Journey to China:The Yunnan Project from a United States Parent's Point of View   Mickie Nabers

China Visit    Walter Wills

China    Matt Parker

Snapshot of Our Role in the World    Manolo Soto-Fournier


Section III

Giving Light and Hope to a Dark World    Hui Lu

An Extraordinary Journey    Jun Song

The Yunnan Project    Joseph Choi

Love Makes Distance in the World Disappear   Jinlu Julia Gu

Seven Dollars a Child Is All It Takes    Tongtian Gao

The Beginnings of the Yunnan Project    Yuanrun Zheng

My Eyes Were Opened    Tianxiao Fu

Memoir from Yunnan Project    Sixing Chen

I Realized            Xiao Bai


Section IV

Caring for Needs Starting from Young    Huimin Hu

Working with Students on the Yunnan Project    Angel J Perkins

Changing Lives in the Yunnan Province    Jeni Stephens Thompson

Character Education: Integration and Practice-- Reflection of Yunnan Project  R. Ouyang

English Editor's Note     Jan Coleman (Back of the book)


Section V

Thanks letters from Children in Yunnan, China


Postscript    Danling Huang (The volunteer Principal of Chinese Academy of Memphis)



AcknowledgeCollected by Jennifer Whitlock and Jun Song