The Chinese Academy of Memphis (CAM), a not-for-profit 501(C)(3), is an independent educational organization formed in 2004 to provide an educational setting for education in the Chinese language and culture in the Mid-South area. CAM is led by an alliance of Chinese language professors, Chinese high-tech advisors, parents, and volunteers and has partnerships with Rhodes College, White Station High School and Cordova High School (Memphis City Schools), Houston High School (Shelby County Schools) and Margolin Hebrew Academy (private school).

This school is open to all who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture, irrespective of age, race, gender, nationality, and religious denomination. Hence, our student body comprises people from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds and age groups. CAM has two main areas of focus: 1) to offer an opportunity for individuals from a variety of backgrounds to learn the Chinese language and culture; 2). to provide a cross-cultural link with China by establishing various projects that will enhance interactions between China and the United States. Since its founding, the Chinese Academy of Memphis has greatly increased the opportunities for learning in the Mid-South. In the past year, CAM has established a Chinese Proficiency Testing center (CPT, also know as HSK), China's national standardized test designed to assess proficiency in people who are learning Chinese as a foreign language. CAM has also had various interactions with the community.

With the generous support from Rhodes College and co-working with the Memphis City Schools, the Chinese Academy of Memphis conducts its teaching of Chinese language and culture in Rhodes College's classrooms on weekends and White Station High School's and Cordova High School's classrooms during the after-school time periods. Students not only learn Chinese language and culture but also share different cultures by getting involved in activities of diversities in the Greater Memphis area, internship programs, and summer programs in national and international settings.

More recently, CAM has been involved with the Crossroads of Hope, a project funded by a CAM student and designed to raise funds for educational materials and scholarships for children in rural China. This has been a key focus area for CAM since the project's creation in November 2005. With support from Fournier Learning Strategies and Engineering World Health, Significant progress has been made, highlighted by the success of last year's efforts that benefited over 50,000 children, mainly in the southeast province of Yunnan. Over twenty students from seven schools in the greater Memphis area were involved in the fund-raising efforts, and in June, 2006 five student delegates of the Crossroads of Hope team with adult advisors from CAM and Fournier Learning Strategies, traveled to Yunnan Province, China at their own expense, to personally deliver scholarships and educational supplies to poor children there. While in China, the delegates met and talked to the president of China Youth League, the president and vice-president of China Children Press and Publisher Group, 2008 Olympic Committee, and the vice-president of Chinese People Consultative Beijing Committee (CPCBC). The leaders of Chinese Disabled Person's Federation for their concern. The delegates were interviewed and the news of the project was reported throughout China by China CCTV and Beijing TV. The team members have published a book Share (ISBN 7-5007-8394-9), a collection of their essays which share their feelings and observations during the fundraising and trip. Going forward, CAM plans to continue efforts required to provide needed assistance in Yunnan but also to go into other poor provinces of China in order to work toward achieving universal education and to bridge the cultural gap between China and the United States.

Teachers at the Chinese Academy of Memphis employ the very best strategies to broaden students' knowledge of Chinese language, culture and society.

It is hard to imagine how such a school operates. So come to see its activities for yourself. Visit our school website at for additional information or to make arrangements for a visit to our classrooms. You are always welcome.